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Please explore our many services below. If you don’t see your item listed,  give us a call or send us an email, and a team member will be in touch. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

Rugging Only

  • Standard rug includes:
  • Dyeing all light/thin areas of hide
  • Sewing all holes
  • Shaping as needed
  • Painting all light/thin areas if dye did not adhere
  • Pleating with machine sewn pleated double felt
  • Padding with 3/4″ hi loft
  • Backing with thick premium poly/cotton blend black fabric
  • Hanging – 6 D rings included

Taxidermy & Rugging

  • McKenzie cast lip used on all open mouth rugs
  • Sized for maximum stretch
  • Finished and ready for customer
  • All Rugging Only features included

Tanning, Taxidermy & Rugging

  • Tanning of salted hide by The Wildlife Gallery
  • Frozen hides will have a turn/flesh/salt fee of $50
  • All Taxidermy and Rugging features included

Flat Skin/Patchwork Rugs

  • With or without padding
  • Vinyl or material backing
  • Suede leather or felt binding
  • D rings for hanging


  • Single or double sided
  • Premium chrome tanned leather backing
  • Full length zipper
  • Inserts sized for maximum fill


We utilize your tanned or salted hide to create custom projects to your specifications.

Zebra & Wildebeest

  • Marine grade vinyl backer
  • D rings for hanging
  • Black or chocolate suede or leather binding

We provide free pick up of your tanned hides from The Wildlife Gallery and also from H&H Fur Dressing.

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