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Craig Tyson, Owner

First of all thank you for considering Rug-Be Bears and visiting our website!  I’m a proud father of two young adults and have been a Michigander my entire life. In 2018, I acquired Rug-Be as an investment opportunity. After a few short months, I realized this business was my calling. I left my 29-year manufacturing management career to work full-time in my business, and I’ve never looked back!
I love my work, hunting, fishing, and all the great state of Michigan has to offer. I’m blessed to be part of an industry that is all about the great outdoors!

Andrew, Taxidermist

Andrew joined Rug-Be Bears in 2012, and was trained to take over the taxidermy department. He has worked in that role as well as in other supervisory positions within the business. Andrew loves design-oriented tasks and takes pride in that perfect final product. His attention to detail and strong work ethic help him achieve that goal every time.

Andrew enjoys do-it-yourself projects around the house, walks in the woods and photography.

Eliza, Seamstress

Eliza joined Rug-Be Bears in 2017. Within a year, she rose to the challenge of heading up the sewing department. She has an eye for design and detail that customers will appreciate for years to come. Her creativity and desire to continually improve her skills helps to achieve a quality product.

Eliza enjoys time with her family, walks in nature, collecting rocks, and sewing. She married Andrew in 2018, and they make an awesome team!

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